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Katara in the role of mistress? How she managed to achieve this?

No seriously,because Katara(on page 150) was in a totally different situation.

Maybe everyone is a slave to the darkness and its tentacles? :3
Or maybe both of them are slaves, but just in different places in the hierarchy.

Slaves and hierarchy, just as seen with violet, but I think the evil tentacle in the maid is just a worker, and has someone that even it has to answer to as seen by it’s attitude to some guests (forced politeness). Also since it was her “pleasure session” I’m guessing that she wasn’t completely reluctant to be invaded by the tentacles on page 150. If it wasn’t reluctant, then weren’t they “Consentacles”?

From the way things had been going I was kinda hoping Korra was going to absorb Astrid into her own body, possibly continuing to fuck her while doing so, or get up inside and possess Astrid’s body then move on to Elsa.I blame it on the titles like “Filling up” and such you put for the pages. Well that’s how it looked to me, but that was just me hoping to see either of those option XD..

Anyways I’m feeling Korra’s pain right now on that verge of finishing haha. So close and yet so far. I feel the dialogue could of been a little better on the previous page, but this page came out quite well. Hope not to have to wait another like month for the next page XD. These stops are killing me.

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