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You know, I know you’ve already included Eugene and Raps in the Manor but if you haven’t seen Tangled: The Series… it’s a goldmine. Two new lady characters in particular look like they’d make the perfect dommes to Raps and Eugene: Cassandra, Gothel’s abandoned daughter and Stalyan, the daughter of a crime boss that Eugene left at the altar. Give it a watch; I’m already writing lots of fun stuff with it.

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Kevin the Barbarian

Kevin the Barbarian published on No Comments on Kevin the Barbarian

Kevin sat on the sorcerer’s black throne, holding his sword in one hand and the object of his quest in the other. A headless corpse wearing a fine robs with magical runes lay at his feet. Before him, on their knees, were the servant of the recently deceased mage. Row upon row of soldiers, demons, imps and other creature of the dark, whose lives now belong to Kevin.

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Corruption of the Crown: Prologue by Erika

Corruption of the Crown: Prologue by Erika published on 5 Comments on Corruption of the Crown: Prologue by Erika

elsa-and-yenOne year has passed since the stormy winter that unraveled the kingdom of Arendelle during the Queen’s coronation day. After that struggling moment, that lasted no more than two nights, Elsa finally managed to take complete control of her powers and started to dedicate her life to her sister Anna and to the few friends she still had, including Olaf and his brother in law, prince Kristoff. Her busy daily schedules didn’t permit her to make other acquaintances, except for the noblemen, the knights and the merchants asking her a private colloquy in the Throne room. During one of these days, as the sun was almost going to fade, a young, beautiful woman stepped inside the Castle’s main room for the last meeting of the day.Continue reading Corruption of the Crown: Prologue by Erika

My son’s wife

My son’s wife published on 6 Comments on My son’s wife

I was sitting in my kitchen, lost in thought. The kitchen itself looked shady, no one had properly cleaned it since Margaret had died. On the wall above the stove hung her cross that she prayed at every day for the past ten years. Outside there was the sound of a car leaving the driveway, my son was leaving to get some food for dinner. The smell of expensive perfume brought me to my surroundings and I smiled down at my daughter in law, in a short red dress, kneeled before me, blowing me enthusiastically.Continue reading My son’s wife

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