elsa-and-yenOne year has passed since the stormy winter that unraveled the kingdom of Arendelle during the Queen’s coronation day. After that struggling moment, that lasted no more than two nights, Elsa finally managed to take complete control of her powers and started to dedicate her life to her sister Anna and to the few friends she still had, including Olaf and his brother in law, prince Kristoff. Her busy daily schedules didn’t permit her to make other acquaintances, except for the noblemen, the knights and the merchants asking her a private colloquy in the Throne room. During one of these days, as the sun was almost going to fade, a young, beautiful woman stepped inside the Castle’s main room for the last meeting of the day.

Despite the fact that the clouds were already unfolding over ashy shaded sky, the sun rays, brighter than anything else, breached through the windows of the Throne room and enlightened the beautiful, godlike figure walking through the middle of the chamber with a proud yet respectful expression. Snow from the courtyard had turned to dew on her black and white dress, which was a perfect fit for her murky hair, that descended over her shoulders just like a cascade of a willow’s branches. She raised an eyebrow towards the Queen, her violet irises reverberating her majesty’s shape and emanating a fervid curiosity. Her stunning beauty was the first thing that caught the attention of the sovereign, but soon after her scent, berries tart, lilac sweet, reached Elsa’s nostrils and inebriated her as a soft pink brushed over her cheeks.

Breathing deeply and staring in astonishment, the beautiful Queen stood up from her throne in sign of deference, sensing her knees cracking already and her tongue trembling on her palate. There was something in that woman that had the power to attract her, capable of distracting her thoughts and to melt the Queen’s steadiness. It was the first time in forever that Elsa had the pleasure to meet a fellow sorceress, and she couldn’t have never been able to imagine how just crossing her sight would have been able to topple her heart. Elsa was surely aware of the fact witches and sorcerers possess a strong aura, and she made no exception, but the one owned by her stunning guest was certainly stronger than anything she experienced.

“Yennefer of Vengerburg, counselor of Temeria”, shouted an herald, “Here to offer advice for the Queen and to help the Kingdom reach peace and prosperity”,

The herald concluded, exactly repeating the words the sorceress ordered him to declare. As soon as he stepped outside, the black-haired woman respectfully bowed and stared at Elsa with an air of mischief, easily conceived to the naive Sovereign.

As soon as their sight were finally clenched of one another, the young Queen felt her neck vein throb. It was a well known sensation, that occurred only in particular occasions, mostly when she wasn’t at ease or sensed something being a threat for her survival. May it be a scary monster, her sister, or a beautiful sorceress with an enviable body and a bold nature.

“I…”, Elsa stuttered, not being able to continue her sentence as she felt a bead of sweat running down her forehead. Then, ashamed of her own conduct and willing to be as resolute as ever, she appealed to all her lucidity and finally took the floor.

“I admit it’s a pretty valuable offer”, she completed once for all, keeping her hands behind her back into a tight and firm grip, trying to withstand and drive away the tension and the embarrass spreading through her body and mind, “…but I suppose Miss Yennefer did not travel from such a far away lands to my humble kingdom just to offer me her help for free… so I demand… is there anything I shall give you in exchange?” she finished, swallowing hard and sensing her heart even skipping a beat.

During this awkward situation, the sorceress had the occasion of examining her even better: her proud, slender figure was adorned with the brightness of her platinum-blonde hair, tightened in a bun, that stood out elegantly over the rest of her body and her black and green royal dress.

After repressing the urge to say – your anal virginity – the sorceress stared deep in her eyes as the Queen descended the little stair separating the throne from the rest of the room. “My gracious queen, for starters, a dinner would be glorious. The journey was long and tedious, not to mention dangerous. But the foolish marauders that roam the roads pose no trouble to me or my elite guard…”, she murmured in a bald tone, “Also, I do request a room to rest and to spend my first night in Arendelle”. She walking towards the Queen, filling the exiguous space separating them.

“Well… we…”, stuttered Elsa, leaning a gloved palm in her direction and offering the sorceress a hand to guide her, “we do have many guests’ rooms, in the palace… but, as we’ll still have to wait about one hour for dinner, maybe… could we use this spare time to show you around the castle and to take a walk in the garden? You will be able to spend some time there even alone, since my presence will be probably required elsewhere”, she explained with a tender and innocent expression that was still teetering between excitement and caution.

“I understand your point, Your Majesty”, murmured the sorceress, happily approaching her fingers to the Sovereign’s palm, making her feel a shiver that ran from her spine to the brain, “but… maybe I have a better suggestion. Wouldn’t you like to show me the guests’ chambers first, so I might take a rest and store my luggages?”

Yennifer’s inquisitive expression, forced the Sovereign to slightly nod in sign of hospitality and appeasement.

“Delightful!”, cheered the sorceress, pleased by how the things were going, “Please, lead the way” , she concluded with an impudent smile, holding the Queen by her own hand and sensing her wrist’s vein pulsating like a drumroll. Even earlier than I would have expected, she thought, but breaking her will still require attention… was the judgment her mind provided just before being playfully dragged upstairs and through the corridor leading to the largest rooms of the whole castle.

“That one!” Yennifer heard Elsa exclaiming, reaching soon after the inlaid door the Sovereign pointed at with happiness and joy, “It is absolutely the biggest we have. Here, take a look!” she added, opening the door and stepping inside alongside the sorceress.

A soft murmur escaped from Yennefer’s lips. “This room will do nicely”, she approved with a friendly smile, as she walked to the bed and bend over to feel the softness, letting her buttocks, round and perfect, facing Elsa’s astonished expression, “I’m surprised by how comfortable it is”, was the comment vibrated from the sorceress’ lips, sinking her palms even more in the mattress and nearly falling on her chest, “you couldn’t find anything better even in the King’s room, in the Northern Realm…”

That murmured assertion, referred to the manufacture, soon after changed its meaning for the Queen, becoming an allusion to Yennefer’s body. Nothing was comparable to her slender forms, that seemed to have been stolen from a painter; her downy movements, that bursted out elegance and sophistication, didn’t seem the result of blind chance but the product of a well-studied plan, designed with the intent of attracting the Sovereign’s attention and to induce her to reveal her inner desire. Her supernatural beauty, crafted in part by her own magic, in part by nature, made the sorceress able to conquer the heart of every eligible man or woman, and Elsa made no exception.

Suddenly, the witch turned back and sat on the bed’s edge, crossing her legs and curving her lips in what seemed to be a mischievous smile. She noticed the sweat running across Elsa’s temples and the way she tried to conceal her true feelings. It was the right time to start her attack.

“Now…” Yennefer whispered in a persuasive tone, “We have much to talk about and a vast shortage of time. I must shower after my journey… will you join me? It will save us a small sea of time.”

Not waiting for a reply, Yennifer turned towards the bathing room and raising her hands over the straps of the dress. She lowered them slowly and steadily, letting the clothes fall on the floor, revealing the Queen her bare back and her firm, bouncy rear.

Elsa’s heart skipped a beat, as her sapphire blue eyes felt almost hypnotized and her mind subconsciously daydreamed about experiences she would have liked to share with the woman before her.

For the first time in forever, Elsa felt aroused, so much so that she had to contain her power from freezing the entire room. Still, she realized that the only reasonable thing to do would be to resist, oppose the temptation, and not to follow that stunning sorceress… all the while her feet had already made a step towards the bathroom.