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real talk, what is it with you and your hateboner towards astrid?

also, ruffnut is love , ruffnut is life

We don’t have a “hateboner” for Astrid. I know it can seem that way and I don’t blame you for thinking that, but we would not have a character featured in our comic so much if we hated them.

Regarding this guest comic, it was done some time ago by Fixxxer and if you check him out, you would see that this comic aligns with his work(which is fabulous).

Wanting to see Astrid suffer has nothing to do with hate.
It’s just a more extreme branch of the good old sub/dom relationship.
There’s just some people who like humiliating others/being humiliated as a fetish, not because of hate or whatever.
As for Astrid, there’s just something about Astrid that makes her a great target for degradation and extreme stuff.
I enjoy seeing her suffer, but not because I hate her.
I totally love Astrid and I’m sure Disclaimer does, too.
It’s just that we express our love for her in a rather unconventional manner.

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