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“FUCK… BASTARD… WEASEL… CUNTS…. ” What I shouted out at this cliffhanger before the reveal :p great image

Now now, Astrid, don’t give us that look. You should be proud, look how happy you are making your owner. I am sure girls like her, only write things on their favorite toys.

Wow that would make sense. Imagine girls playing with dolls and how they dress them up and stuff. This could easily be like that.

Indeed. She even brings her along for the privy, she doesn’t wash her properly because it might remove some of her essence like if she was a stuffed toy. And the only reason she left her alone was to make sure her potential boyfriend was in the best frame of mind to adore her when he sees her. There is all the naughty parts, but that is just what happens when you grow up, the games you play change character. Clearly Astrid is her favorite grown-up toy.

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