Kevin sat on the sorcerer’s black throne, holding his sword in one hand and the object of his quest in the other. A headless corpse wearing a fine robs with magical runes lay at his feet. Before him, on their knees, were the servant of the recently deceased mage. Row upon row of soldiers, demons, imps and other creature of the dark, whose lives now belong to Kevin.

Soft hands and ample breasts crested his thick arm and leg muscles. Around the throne was the sorcerer’s harem of beautifully princesses who were butt naked except for a gold collar around their pretty necks. One of them, the princess he had been hired to bring back, had already pushed the dead body aside and was her knees in front of him, pulled his dick into her grateful mouth. Another princess, who looked exactly as the first, kneed before him aswell, placed her hand on his thick muscular thigh and licked whatever part the first could not fit in her mouth. There had actually been two princesses, twins that he had to rescue.

He paid them no mind, He would have gone on this quest regardless of the reward. He had finally found what he had been looking for, after ten long years.

Ten years ago he had been sitting at his computer, a little kid with a black bruise forming around his eye. A gift from his father who blamed Kevin for everything wrong with his life.

Kevin’s mom Helen and sister Lily, or lee lee as he would call her, had tried to protect him but could not, they were just as scared of his dad as he was. Kevin sat at his computer, trying a new MMO game, trying to get his mind off the pain. On the screen, a red crystal, the logo for the game, pulsed on the loading screen. He had created a big hulking barbarian in the game with a giant sword. He had named the character Kevin and wish he could look like that in real life. If he was big like that, he would show his dad and protect his mom and sister.

On the screen were three quests he could choose from, hie eye landing on defeat the dark sorcerer and free the princesses. Inspire by recent events he choose that one.

When he had press enter on the screen to start the game. The world had gone dark around Kevin. Next thing he knew he was standing in the middle of the room with the black throne. His hands rested on the giant sword he had created in the game.

On the throne, sat the Sorcerer, cackling at confused boy. The red crystal at the end of his staff was diming as if the magic user had just cast a spell.

“You thought you could destroy me, boy, did you?” he barked at Kevin, “Look at you, you can barely hold up your sword.”

Kevin tried to pick up the sword but it would not move.

“Be gone from here.” The old man stood up from his throne. Around him, his harem of princesses looked on while sitting on cushions and eating grapes. Two of the princesses were even making out, not caring what was going on.

Two guards grabbed Kevin and another try to pick up the sword but could not.

“Oh don’t bother with the sword you fool. Only it true master can pick it up… if he had the muscles”

The mage blew out his cheeks, mimicked a strong man poses and then laughed at his lame joke. On cue, his harem laughed, the guards laughed, everyone, laughed. The princesses in the back did not laugh because of the making out. The Sorcerer turned them into rats. Everyone doubled their laughter.

“Come back when you have the muscles to pick up the sword, it will be there waiting for you.”

The sorcerer flicked his fingers and the guards took Kevin away.

With a boot to his backend, Kevin was threw out of the Sorcerer castle. He landed in some horse dung and thought he could still hear the old man’s mocking laughter.

Kevin knew that that red crystal had something to do with him being in this world. He vowed to get stronger, pick up his sword and kill that old asshole.  

And so it began. From the plans of Deerfoot to the frozen mountains of Sadlerige, He travelled and worked. Slaying beast and evil men.

The start had been a bit rocky but once he got the hang of barbarianing, Kevin found that he was good at it. His skill grew, his muscles grew. Soon he was killing dragons like they were deers and fucking rescuing princesses like they were common bar wenches. All the while he was on the hunt for the Sorcerer as his castle would never be in the same place twice.

Ten years later, when a quest to rescue two princesses from a dark Sorcerer who had a red crystal on his staff came about, Kevin “Cleaver” the Barbarian leap at the chance.

Because of all his training, Defeating the Sorcerer had been a piece of cake. Heck Both he and the Sorcerer were surprised at how easy it was for Kevin. The mage had tried at the end to tell Kevin that at long last, he had unlocked his potential and that he was the chosen one. Kevin had loped off his head with one swing from the sword he had left here all those years ago, It had felt as light as a toothpick to the Barbarian.

As Kevin stand on the throne look at the crystal and enjoy the blowjob from the grateful princesses. He had started to remember his world again, his old room, the old computer, the MMO he was trying to play. He also remember how similar the logo of game looked to the Crystal in his hands. Suddenly, the crystal started to glow and then just like that, he was sitting at a desk and staring at the blank screen of a computer monitor. He looked around in shock, he was in his old room again. He looked down at himself and found that he was wearing his old clothes again but they had ripped at his bulging muscles.

He heard footstep running up the floor. The door to his room crashed open, there stood his mom look at him in shock. She was older but was still gorgeous to look at. The years had done nothing to her slighter build and big breasts.

“Who are you?” She trembled as she looked at the beautiful hulk of a man standing in her son’s old room.

“Mom, it is I… I mean It’s me Kevin, Kev… your son.”

“My son ran away ten years again.”

“Yes, but I am back now.”

“You can’t be my son, Get out of here before I call the cops.”

Kevin was ready for this. He had played out the scene in his mind countless times.

“Yes Helen, I am your son. Let me prove it. That night when I “ran away” You and dad had a fight over that computer game you let me buy. He had gotten violent and was shouting at me. Lily had tried to calm him down but he pushed her out of his way and she knocked the table that caused his whiskey bottle fall to the floor.  He had then screamed ”look at what you made me do” and punched me in the face.”

Helen looked at him in shock. “Noone knew about the punch.” She slowly muttered.

“Yeah.” Kevin smiled, “It took a week to heal.”

“Oh Kevin it is you.” She rushed to him and give him a hug around his waist.

“I have missed you soo much.”

“I missed you too.”

“I never gave up on you. I knew you would come back to us, one day.”

He held his mom as she cried over him.

After a while, she calmed down and stop crying. Slightly enjoying the warmth of her son body, Helen became embarrassingly aware of the huge chest muscles that were next to her face and the rockhard ads that wear pushing on her boobs. The Strong arms around her felt good and the musk coming off Kevin was making her dizzy.

She pulled away from the hug and step back from her son.

“He looks like a Greek god,” Helen thought to herself as she felt a blush creep up her neck. Already she felt hot in her clothes and a shameful warmth was grown between her legs.

“Mom, have you seen my red t-shirt.” someone was called out from the hallway. “ What are you do in Kevin old ro….?”

The word died in the month of a cute girl that stood at the doorway. The bright red hair was new but Kevin could still remember the button nose with the few freckles on top. Here was Lily, his older sister, in a push-up bra that presses her boob together, a flat stomach and short shorts that show off her long legs.

Lily’s face turned red, she practically drools at the sight of the prime piece of masculine meat that was standing next to her mom.

“Who.. ah who is this, mom?” Lily was so shocked. She did not even try to cover herself.

“It Kevin, Lily.” Helen beamed at her, thanking the gods for the distraction. “He has come back to us.”


“Hey Lee lee.” Kevin called her by his silly nickname for her.

“Lee Lee… only Kevin called me that.” She stared back at the man, try to match the boy she remembered to this Beach body drink of cool water. A drop of sweat from her chin hit her chest made her realized that she was practically half naked.

With a squeak of alarm, Lily ran back into the hallway.

Helen and Kevin hear a door slam sec later.

“Oh never mind her, Your father will be so happy to know you are back.” Helen smile faltered a bit. “Maybe you should wait a few days and break the news to him gentle.”

“Let him come.” Kevin grinned and stretched his arms, His muscle’s muscles flexed. “I will break it to him just fine.”

Helen had been transfixed on Kevin’s pecs muscle. Her panties were already soaked.

In her room, Lily had was on the floor, furiously rubbing her pussy. She didn’t care that the man was Kevin, her little kid brother. She was going to jump his cock the first chance she got.