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I still think Avatar Korra had no right to use her godlike powers to attack Kuvira. >.> It was internal earth kingdom business! The avatar isn’t meant to interfere in that. And Republic City was rightfully earth kingdom lands stolen by Avatar Aang… Bad Korra! Should have returned the stolen territory and focused on keeping the balance between the four nations.

what godlike powers, Korra was a weak avatar from the start to the end, if it was not for her friends saving her ass all the time she would have fail a long time ago. I could have see aag defeat kuvira on his own.

Aang stronger than Korra? That annoying boy got one-shot the first time he entered the Avatar state at will. Korra had stronger foes than Aang and was better at the physical side of bending. If it wasn’t for the incompetence of most of Aang’s enemies, and both Aang’s friends and enemies saving him he would have failed early on as well. =P

Azula and her friends being the only truly formidable opponent Aang had. And most of the time the tactic when dealing with Azula is run away. >.> Or outnumber her.

I dont really know. Korra is able to spiritbend (to a greater point than aang, for some reason) and metalbend. But aangs first (and only seen ) controlled avatar state was crazy. Ozai, most powerfull firebender in the world, got his ass served with a side dish of ownage. Korra’s opponents are always able to fight her while she’s in the avatar state. And can we just talk about how aang was like 11 during the show? And he doesn’t like violence, so he holds back all the God damned time. I think aang is the stronger avatar of the 2.

Why is it believed that Ozai is the most powerful firebender in the world? He is the leader of the fire nation yes, but we only really see him fight when the comet increases all firebenders power. (And the earth kingdom shows us a leader doesn’t have to be the strongest bender) He is NOT the famous general in the family. He is not responsible for the fall of Ba-Sing-Se he is not the reason the “invasion” of the fire nation fail. In fact the only real achievements we see him do during his reign is destroy half the face of his son…. A weak teenager, who has always struggled with bending… He is not even the dragon, like his brother. Everyone SAYS Ozai is a powerful fire bender, but we never hear why or see him unleash his powers. The show has given me no reason to believe he is more powerful than Iroh or Azula. Besides… The only reason Aang fights Ozai is because everyone says “The Avatar must be the one to defeat Firelord Ozai to restore balance” Both Zuzu and Iroh refusing to do it, the former being in an easy position to kill him during the day of black sun.

Aang’s first controlled Avatar state was in Ba-Sing-Se, where he “let go” of Katara in order to save her… Don’t know how that is supposed to work…. in a situation where he is extremely vulnerable and by that knowingly endangering the entire Avatar cycle, and he got one-shot and died (spirit water bringing him back). Korra fought hard not to enter the Avatar state when she was in a just as vulnerable situation, hoping they would kill her, but preserve the Avatar.

And if you want to use age as an argument, three out of four elements came natural to Korra from an early age. Korra’s enemies might not be as strong politically as the firelord, but they show themselves far more powerful from what we actually see, many also very unique benders. And one is freaking chaos it self…

I am not going to argue which one is the better Avatar, even if I have a favorite. But I am going to say that Korra is the one who looks like the more powerful one. And I think she has the most capable enemies (other than team Azula, Aang has none).

Aww sfw? I feel cheated

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