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My son’s wife

My son’s wife published on 6 Comments on My son’s wife

I was sitting in my kitchen, lost in thought. The kitchen itself looked shady, no one had properly cleaned it since Margaret had died. On the wall above the stove hung her cross that she prayed at every day for the past ten years. Outside there was the sound of a car leaving the driveway, my son was leaving to get some food for dinner. The smell of expensive perfume brought me to my surroundings and I smiled down at my daughter in law, in a short red dress, kneeled before me, blowing me enthusiastically.

I should back up a bit in my story. My name is Ben, the red dressed bimbo in front of me is my daughter-in-law Wanda and the clueless simpleton pulling out of the driveway is my son Presley. Earlier that day I had been sitting on the front porch reading the newspaper when my son’s BMW pulled into the driveway. The side door opened and I could see Wanda’s beautiful legs step to the side to get out of the car. What I could also see were red silk panties that I had requested that Wanda wear.

“Hey dad, how’s it going?”, my attention was snapped away to the other occupant of the car.

“I am good, son, glad to see you before you are away” I called out to Presley.

They had both gotten out of the car by now, Presley pulling a suitcase out of the trunk when Wanda adjusted her dress. Her golden hair shining in the late day sun and her baby blue eyes twinkling at me. A little golden cross dangled over her breast.

“Yeah, almost a week, this time, It will be great for Wanda to stay with you while I am gone,” Presley grunted as he carried the suitcase up to the house. “She would get so lonely in the house with Cathy way to private school.”

“I am happy to have her. I have some stuff around the house that will keep her busy on her hands and knees.”

“Haha, I sure she would not mind the exercises from the cleaning. Usually, the servants don’t leave anything for her to do”

Wanda had turned red from my comment but her husband did not notice as he made his way to the front door. Wanda followed him and I followed her, enjoy the sight of her bubbly butt and the smell of the expensive perfume lingering behind her.

“Honey, could you take the suitcase to the upstair bedroom.” I hear Wanda call out.

“That is a good idea, why don’t you and dad get dinner ready. I will take this up to the bedroom.”

With that Presley disappeared up the creaking stair with the suitcase, leaving me alone with Wanda in lobby.
She turned around to face me, her lips slightly parted. I reached up to her face and gently caressed her cheek. A little moan escaped her lips. The little gold digger was enjoying this. Using my thumb I slowly parted her lips and pushed my thumb into her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she started to suck on my thumb, looking at that moment like a dumb catholic school girl.

“We are going to have a lot of fun this week, aren’t we Candi?” Wanda node with my thumb still in her mouth, sucking on it like it was a juicy lollipop.

I had taken to calling her Candi when we were alone. It was our little code when I was wanted her to do the nasty. At the sound of her whore name she trembled slightly and her eyes dilated a bit. In a weird way, she seemed to be conditioned to respond to the name, like a horny pavlovian bitch.

The sound of a door shutting reminded us of the idiot upstairs.

“Let go and see to dinner, Wanda.”

I pulled my finger out of her mouth with a small pop. She followed me into the kitchen and we sat at the kitchen table waiting for Presley to find his way back downstair.

It was a pleasant enough evening. We opened a bottle of wine and Presley bored us with tales of the huge operation he was going to oversee on his trip. I spend that time sipping the red liquid and staring at Wanda’s ample bosom. How was it that a man could get so caught up in his own story that he doesn’t notice his father undress his wife with his eye? It usually when they are talking about something that they think is a clear indication of how manly and powerful they are.

As I stared at those magnificent orbs, I remember when I first saw them. Presley was fresh out of college and had brought home his girlfriend to meet the folk. A big-chested anthropology major bimbo in tight jeans that he had met at college. It had taken all of my willpower not to stare at that marvelous cleavage peeking through the low cut of her red t-shirt. All had been going well until I walked in on her doing coke in the bathroom.

I was stunned and Wanda had looked like a deer caught in headlights of a freight train. We were in the upstair bathroom and Presley and his mom had been preparing dinner downstair. Wanda at first had tried to explain it off but after I guessed that it was coke, she started to tremble a little. As Wanda begged me not to tell the others, I had run my finger over the white power and taken a sniff off it. God, it brought back memories. I noticed on the counter was a gold chain with a little golden cross with the top screwed off and guessed that was where she store the coke. How original.

With a little smile, I held my finger up to her face and told her to lick it. She had just stared stupidly at first the finger and then at me. She opened her mouth to spat out a reply but I cut her off.

”Lick this coke off my finger or I will call Presley up here”.

At the mention of Presley she slowly stuck out her tongue and started to lick my finger.

After that day it did not take too long for me to blackmail my way into her welcoming pants. We had a great thing going. Most Sunday Presley would leave Wanda at the house to go to church with his mother. They would come back to a hard worked Wanda cooling off in the kitchen with bruised knees and sweating running down her face or her taking a shower while I explained that we had gone for a run dressed in my boxer shorts and a soaked vest.

The day Presley and Wanda announced their engagement. We had celebrated until Margret had gotten dizzy from the wine and had gone to sleep upstair. Presley had passed out in the living room and I was ball deep in Wanda in the kitchen on the very table that we were all sitting at. As she was going to be a part of the family, I had baptized her shooting my cum on her face and christen her “Candi”.

“Dad?” I was snapped out of my daydreaming by the worried face of my son.


“Dad, are you ok? You seem to have spaced out.”

“Oh, sorry son… I am fine. Sorry, I was just remember something…”

“Oh dad, I miss her too”


“Well… mom,” Presley said with glassy eyes.

“Oh yes… I miss her too. I had some good times with her” I said as I looked at Wanda with a little wink. Presley missed my little gesture by wiping his eyes.

“Anyway dad, We should eat now.”

I was waiting for this.

“Oh dear, I am sorry Presley. In my excitement to have you over, I forgot to get the order the food. I will go the market as once.” I started to rise from the table.

“No dad, it’s ok”, Presley blurted out and raising his hands predictably. “It ok, I will just quickly drive over to that new fine dining place that just opened and pick up some steaks.”

As they both go up to leave, I had a sudden spark of inspiration. I started to raise my hand as if to stop them from leaving and knocked my glass over spilling the wine over the floor.
“Oh dear, look at what I have done. I will get this cleaned up.”
“No dad you sit, I will get this mop up. Hun you will have to go on your own, I will stay here with dad.”

Before Presley could say anything, Wanda had grabbed the kitchen cloth and was on all fours, whipping the floor.

“Ok ah hum… I will be right back”, Presley left through the side door toward his car. I could see him through the kitchen window on his phone while fumbling for his keys. I looked down to see a little red ass in front of me as Wanda continue to wipe the floor.

“You know Candi, my poll could use a cleaning too.” I unzipped and whipped out my cock.
Candi looked up from her cleaning, her eyes flicked to up my smile, then down to my crotch and then to the door.

“ Don’t worry, he is just getting into his car.”

Hearing this. She put the cloth down and like a cat slowly stalked her way toward me, her eye on the prize, a small smile on her face and her ass swing from side to side with each step. The smell of the spilled wine added to the sensual nature of the sense before me.

I could feel my cock growing a little more hard at this provocative display. I had made sure to train her in how to please a man if anything Presley should be grateful to me.

That tight ass of hers reminded me of their wedding. Sadly Margaret had died by then but was fine as there was a bit of a scandal, the bride had disappeared. People had been looking all over the place when they saw us walking across the lawn. I explained that Wanda had gotten cold feet and I had spent twenty minutes calming her down. She was now ready for the wedding. I had been so happy when I saw them up at the altar saying their vows to each other.

People had remarked on how nervous Wanda was on a count of little beads of sweat rolling down her cheek. But I don’t mind, it not every day you get to watch your son marry the bride that you had just recently fuck bareback behind the church shed with her beautiful dress hiked over her hips. I had fuck her long and hard with her moaning like a bitch in heat. The morning light bouncing off her pale yellow hair and white lace dress, my cock up her wet pussy had me caught in such holy rapture that I did not notice when I blasted my load into her. That had shocked us both but there was nothing to do as we had could hear the shout of the searchers. Everyone was so caught up with the sweat on her face that no one notices the little patches of dampness on the floor from the cum running down her legs underneath the beautiful wedding dress.

That night my son had gotten hopelessly drunk as I wanted to make sure that my son had a great time at his wedding. As the father, I helped the groom and the blushing bride up to their private room in the hotel. But as we entered the room, Presley passed on the floor. We had to carry him to the bedroom. I help to get his clothes off and tucked him into bed.

As I turned around I saw that Wanda had gotten out of her own dress and just had her veil on her head. She looked so beautiful with the small lines of dried cum on her legs. I walk over to her put my arms around her waist and welcomed her to the family with a hard kiss on her mouth and my hands resting on her firm ass. We fucked all night with Presley passed out on the bed. Days later Presley found out that he was going to be a father.

Presley had proudly proclaimed to me over the phone that he must have gotten careless on his wedding night as he could not really remember much of it. I just smiled, told him that I was happy for him and looked down at Candi with her mouth around my cock.

She had come to by the house to tell me the news and we had celebrated with a quickie on the kitchen table. On my suggestion, she called Presley who had been away for a business trip. He sounded happy but told her that she could have waited after her run to give him the good news. I chuckled to myself and quicken my pace behind her. Presley had gotten a lot of calls from Wanda over the years when she was running. He had called me just as I had finished cumming into my cum receptacle and had taken a seat with Candi getting my dick ready for round two.

All I will say about the time Wanda was pregnant there is nothing like cumming inside without having to worry about anything. I must have shot so much cum into Candi that I would not have been surprised if Cathy, my granddaughter, had come out covered in cum.

I was brought back to the present by the sweet kiss of Candi’s full lips on the tip of my dick. With her hands on my legs, she slowly ran her tongue to lube up the shaft, her eyes on me the whole time. Then with one hungry lunge, she popped the tip into her mouth and started to bob her head. I settled into my chair to enjoy my blowjob and waved as my son pulled out of the driveway.

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Amazing start! I love the back story and the details so far! Keep up the great work!

suefan4 Susan

Utterly terrific story and I think your English is good. Thank you for a great story

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