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Just came across this comic and read it in one sitting. The artwork is amazing! And the story is great too, being hentai essentially haha. Can’t wait for more!

Though this does pluck at my heartstrings, being a supporter of sisterly Elsanna :-P. Why you do this to Elsa, Anna?? 🙁

I am glad you enjoyed it, It has been great fun to draw and I am alway happy to hear back from fans, I am sorry that elsa and anna did not do it for you but that is the nature of The Manor. We like to explore the dark Fantasies that are out there. I was wondering, what were the things that stood out for you, things that you liked in The Manor?

Like you mentioned, the whole dark fantasy aspect of it intrigued me. Elsa (and others) being put into this helpless situation, her sister turning on her. All the different characters showing up are pretty legit too haha. I totally got that reference to Shiniez even before reading the caption just from looking at the pic you had a bit back lol.

My one critique though is Elsa submitting to all this so easily. It seems she gave up right from the get go. Though, I guess like Anna said, she was “always weak”. Ah well, makes for a good comic. Can’t wait to see what Anna has in mind for Elsa at this party :-P.

And I’ll definitely have to donate to the Patreon! This is definitely worth the support.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand what you mean about elsa, we are learning more about the manor as we go alone. we have some fun stuff plan for those two so keep tuned. Thank you for considering supporting us on patreon. It really helps out alot.

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