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Page 0111 Sow to The Rescue

Page 0111 Sow to The Rescue published on 23 Comments on Page 0111 Sow to The Rescue

Review of The Manor by Porn Critique Cothordin.


“8.5/10, a fantastic depiction of sexual slavery and mentally breaking girls. Lovely choice of who to r/34. Tactful but no holds barred. Quality dialogue and drawing style. Loads of potential and is working its way up. TL;DR, would fap to again.”

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awww kinda feel sorry for mr. softy….. god I’m messed up.

And nice Critique, but to be honest disclaimer, even you and the writer have to admit your about as subtle and tactful as a dildo wrapped around a brick and launched at speed into someones face, all the while masturbating with one foot shoved up astrids pussy.

Hmmm… that metaphor got a little away from me there… my point still stands.

Also good job as always

Are you trying to make porn Or tragedy? because this is sad not sexy.

It is a story first and foremost. One of the ideas behind the manor was to make a webcomic that I would like to read, there is a story going and the porn is not shy away from.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
— Toni Morrison, writer

Yours, Disclaimer, is the motivation that drives all good artists and writers — the desire to create something that we ourselves want to see or read. It’s what I’ve been doing as a writer in multiple realms for a few years now.

I’ve commented before, and your tale here is complicated enough that I know (along with your own assertions previously) that you’ve plotted it out. I can only have faith that there will be some good plot turns ahead. Otherwise, as Ian Thompson says above, this could be sad, even a tragedy.

But congratulations on your Porn Critique Cothordin review. It has been most interesting to see how not only the story, but your illustration has evolved (I still wish you would go back to your original landscape orientation, since it is a web comic.) The review is accurate, descriptive, and well deserved though.

Thanks man. Maybe I will do that in the future as I get more comfortable with the web format. maybe even do that long scroll down format. I am liking putting in more emotional aspect in the comic as it makes as it more compiling to me to draw. Maybe in the future I might do more of a pure smut comic, only time will tell. 🙂

Well…shit. Now I’m starting to get concerned here because I really don’t want anything bad happen to Astrid at this point or else that’ll make me feel bad

Still wonder how all of this is going to end and what will be the ramifications. Because I was thinking of a scenario were she would take the Maid’s place and turn her into a pig. Don’t care about the actual pig though

The ending has been on my mind for a while. I can’t really see a story like the Manor ending happily. Worst Case Scenario: Nobody escapes. Nothing is done about the Manor and everything turns out to be a Shaggy Dog Story. Best Case Scenario: Whatever’s behind all this is defeated and everyone escapes but even if they do, they’ll likely have permanent psychological scars that they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives. Closest thing to a happy ending but a bittersweet one nonetheless.

I understand what you are getting at. I don’t really see an ending the Manor as a concept, the individual stories might end, but the Manor as a whole will keep going on. We will have a lot of the manor to explore, with we see now is just the tip of something much larger.

After the arc with Astrid, do you think we could see Marco from SVTFOE in the Manor? I would like to see Star corrupt him in a sense. At first, I’d think he’d try to rescue her but ends up getting captured. Star treats him to some of the more “twisted” delights the Manor has to offer. He fights it at first but with time, finds himself enjoying it.

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