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Considering how fiery and determined Kim Possible is, I really want to know what the Manor did to break her to the point she’s willing to throw someone else under the bus. Also, love that vain hope Jane still clings to.

Astrid really must smell horrible. 😛 Come on girls, toughen up. Astrid is too far gone to reason with, but you can at least be nice and give the sow her bath.Then again I don’t know if it is against the rules to bathe that piggie. But if she smells so horrible, surely it can only be a positive for everyone involved if she gets nice and clean.

I like how each girl deals with imprisonment in the Manor in a different way. Violet (I’m only guessing here so I apologize if I’m wrong) has been there so long she’s fully embraced the ways of the Manor and actually enjoys it. Kim has broken down for so long that she’s basically just doing whatever it takes just to avoid getting out of trouble. Jane is still trying to hold on to hope that someone will save them. Very nice.

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