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Page 0115 I Used to be an Adventurer like you…

Page 0115 I Used to be an Adventurer like you… published on 19 Comments on Page 0115 I Used to be an Adventurer like you…

“Truly the manor delves into the most depraved and interesting corners of the human mind and gives us insight into the lives of those who struggle to have a will of their own. ”

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Having one of them take a less than innocent (i.e. lustful) interest in the other right about now would be really interesting.

Also, wonderfully realistic detail and shaping on Kim’s bare breast . . . except that’s what they look like when a gall is standing up. As you know, they flatten and broaden when gals are lying down. I know this is a comic, but keeping little details like that accurate keeps me immersed in the story, as well as more enthusiastically applauding the artist!

Additionally, I find your slight maturing of characters from their original models quite interesting and good. The original Kim was simply drawn, while yours is slightly more complex, as well as seeming older.

But one thing that irritates me a little is having an eye, even eyebrow, that’s hidden by hair show through anyway. We aren’t often seeing Kim’s injured eye, but when Kim knees Astrid where it hurts, we’re seeing both Astrid’s wide eyes (which we aren’t in other panels on this page), when the one uncovered eye would suffice quite well to get her point across, just as it does with Kimbo.

I understand the thing about the eye. I just wanted to show her really getting hurnt in this panel and I like how it came out.

Before in the past , I used to try and draw the characters on model . but now I’m okay with drawing them in my own style which is to say just drawing them as I see it .

Can Astrid please take out Kim’s good eye? She can’t service her piggy masters now with a broken pelvis, or maybe make Kim fill in for Astrid and do her job til Astrid heals? I would love to see the look on Kim’s face when she gets defiled by those demonic pigs.

Happy new year!

Happy new year

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