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not only do I REALLY fucking love this page, I’d love to see more chat noir. Heck, maybe he can even help to scratch a few of the maid’s itches. Keep up the great work Dis/Writer

I’d find if funny if both Chat Noir and Ladybug were told that if they hold out for this amount of days, the other’d go free. But we already saw Ladybug’s already at the “pleading for mercy” stage.

like I said before, that is an intriguing idea .

Why not have Cat Noir go and just have the Manor keep Ladybug? This needs more Ladybug anyway because ultimately she knew that she has failed at that point. So it would make sense for her to trade places with Cat Noir if she asks the Maid for it. Ultimately Cat Noir would believe that he has failed, while Ladybug remained and becomes a whore of the Manor. Hope you do that. Needs a Ladybug arc

Maybe it’s just my perverted mind speaking but I kinda hoped if Chat Noir made an appearance, he’d be one of the “masters” (Like Anna and Hans) of the Manor. I like to think that’s he’s secretly a huge pervert deep down. I mean, c’mon. His outfit makes it look like he’d be more comfortable in a BDSM club than as a superhero. (Not that I dislike Chat. Just saying.)

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