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I’m sure i’m in the minority for this crowd, but I hope the bunny gets away..or even manages to rescue someone/STOP some of the obscenities going on at the manor. Establishing evil for the sake of a story is one thing… but a non-stop parade of degredation and abuse not only gets gets boring.

I agree. There is a point where the ceaseless defiling of certain characters especially gets a little much. I love your art but damn man…

I don’t know about yourselves, but to me the Manor is meant to be an elephant’s graveyard. It’s where the cartoons go to die, involuntarily. It’s a variety show where you never know what’s going to happen, or which characters are plotting what, and more importantly, who will show up at any given time. Judy’s arrival is just another grim guest appearance, and knowing the inevitable horror is just the fun.

Amidst the carnage, and the rape, and the bondage, in a world of beautiful shadows and shades, pitiful pawns with almost no value, fight to betray, dominate, or survive another day, knowing that there’s no help on the horizon, and tomorrow things won’t improve. They’re there to be subjected and suffer, because in their world, the worlds they were stolen from, such things cannot exist. After seeing Collette like this, I think it’s fair to assume nobody is safe. Azula, Astrid, Violet, Kim, even Anna could all be gone in an instant if the chef’s ire rises, or the maid snaps. Maybe that death is a merciful thing, and if one survives long enough in the Manor, living off of hog shit and the maid’s piss, they’ll gather there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

Take Judy for example, full of colour and flare and wide eyed hope. She’s not coming to the manor to escape or find triumph. She’s coming to be destroyed. The Manor is almost a sentient entity, willing to chew up and digest any soul it encounters. At its core lives the creative brush and brilliant mind that is Disclaimer.

If one needs to see Judy overcome the odds, Zootopia’s out in a few weeks. Where though, can you see her stumble and fall? Become corrupted and fucked, or eaten or shot? Where can you see her burn in a stew or stuffed in an oven, or rammed head first into Astrid’s ass? That’s what brings me here: escapism from hope and justice, into a world as dark and disturbing as it is beautifully rich. After 123 pages it may be exhausting, but now you know how the slaves feel :p

In that time, it has certainly never diminished in quality.

I would agree with Wubble and Onronon above to a degree. Perhaps surprise us for a change . . . pull a rabbit out of the hat (pardon the pun), or perhaps in this case out of the fires of hell itself. It shouldn’t be easy for her, but a change of victims actually winning would be interesting.

(P.S. I haven’t been keeping up very well as I got a Hentai Foundry alert for your next page, 125, commenting there, before I realized I hadn’t seen this one. Since HF rarely seems to publish your full pages, I just come over to this site to look at them in full.)

Hello Wubble,
I wanted to let you know that I understand where you are coming from. The thing with The Manor is that is an exploration of the darker underbrush of the psyche. I am staying away from traditional storytelling on purpose to experiment with narrative. That being said I thank you for the feedback, I will keep it in mind for the future.

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