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Bacon finally gets her bath. Jane and Kim gets to have hot BDSM sex with the hottest dominatrix in the manor. That’s a happy ending fit for a fairy tale if I’ve ever seen one. :,)

Now all that is left is Elsa learning to worship her sister’s snatch and everyone can live happily ever after after all.

I think you have a completely different definition of what is a fairy tale. A lot of terrible thing are about to happen 🙂 and we will see Elsa again.

Some non-disneyfied fairy tales have a lot of horrible things happen too. Sleeping Beauty got raped by a king and only woke after she gave birth to twins. The little mermaid never managed to get the prince to love her, her sisters gave up their hair so she could get a knife to break the spell, but instead of killing the prince, so she could return to be a mermaid, the mermaid killed herself, and became foam on the sea. The guy rescuing Rapunzel is blinded by thorns for months when he falls from the tower, and her mother is a bitch who demands that her father steals flowers from the witch’s garden just because she likes them, which is why the girl is given to her in the first place. Nothing really happens to the witch even after the prince finds his beloved (who has given birth to twins) and gets his sight back.

The only thing I need to turn this into a proper fairy tale is starting the story with “Once upon a time” and ending with “Happy ever after”, even if not all fairy tales end and start like that. And try to force the special numbers in there, 3, 7, or 12. And with most slaves already having three holes I am writing that up as a fairy tale win.

On another note. Had no doubt about seeing Elsa again, she seemed to me to be the main character of this story. Kinda like how Peter Griffin is the main character in Family Guy, we might spend a lot of time on the others, even smaller story arcs, but we will always return to the main one. Just hoping she will get some more proper lezdom with her sister, should be able to recognize her mistress by the taste of her pussy or asshole alone, like a good big sis-piggy. So far I think the only pussies she has eaten has been those of fellow slaves, but the lucky girl did get to taste Azula’s when she earned her themesong, even if Azula is a slave too.

A simply perfect page. I love everything about it, from the Manor’s faceless, cold architecture to the lines of Astrid’s spine, shoulders, and butt. The blur of motion on panel 4 sells it for me too. Does this mean the slaves have all been microchipped in some manner? Or was the jolt from a booby trapped step? Perfect as always

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