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The angular, bestial strength of the Chef’s head, and that big menacing blade tell me he’s someone you don’t want to piss off. Something tells me though he doesn’t own the house ,he owns the kitchen, and he’s a force to be reckoned with there.

I love Judy’s colouring and naive optimism, and the way the horror hits on that bottom panel. That’s something the academy never trained her for.

Frankie’s stunning, and so grim and macabre. I think this is a new level of horror we’ve uncovered, where the maid is not just interested in the erotic, but the utter deconstruction of her subjects. Street positions with Chat Noir and now Frankie? Maybe she’s experimenting with more long term torture.

Biting my finger nails for the next instalment. Favourite parts are
1) Judy’s eyes – the colour and the shock
2) the angle of the sunlight on the chef’s face on panel #1 it’s just right to show a bright late afternoon
3) Frankie’s stains. The bloomers and the mascara running down the tears. Or is it blood? Keep it up Dis 😀

My goodness, you are up to date with new character inclusions, aren’t you? Even before movies are released. (I just hope I’ll still be able to enjoy Zootopia after seeing whatever you’ve got up your sleeve to come here in the next page or so.)

And your close-up panel of Judy is both very on-model and expressive. As Naho notes above, the coloring of Judy aptly expresses her whole optimistic emotional dimension as set against the greys of the Manor. Very insightful, creative, and well done.

Now we’ll presumably be seeing how well you draw undressed (or partially so) anthro furries. Another realm for the Manor. Did you plan this some time ago, or add it after seeing a Zootopia trailer recently? Just curious.

It would be nice though to see just how new characters are brought or drawn (pardon the pun) to the Manor. That is one thing I’ve long been wondering about.

And now little bunny, you pull out the party canon you store in your bum, and blow that pig sky-high! Take over the manor and install yourself as Grand Mistress!

As a side note… Isn’t the best option for the manor to corrupt the little thing? I mean, the police knows that she is there, if she disappear they will come in force, and if the force disappears they will come with their elite force, and if they disappear they will probably send in the army? Unless her boss already knows what is going on in there and is actively covering it up. I might just have too much faith in the police force, but it sounds like making a cop disappear would be a big deal.

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