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*sings* I fought the law and the… law lost. Brilliant as always, Dis. The house has never seem a monster as tough as the chef, or a victim as adorable as Judy. The chef’s eyes vs Judy’s is such an amazing contrast. Easily in my top 5 pages

Im still trying to figure out why the rabbit is the only one drawn in colour

I think it’s because she is from the outside, i’d imagine she’s going to lose her colour as the becomes a part of the manor.

Yeah, might be right. Kinda a shame, a little colour really brings out the dullness of the manor

I think it emphasises its beauty. Sort of like the girl in the red coat in Schindler’s List, or the Soviet flag of the Battleship Potemkin. Bass is right in that she’s losing her innocence. The grey infiltrating her eyes is the Manor corrupting her perception as she leaves the world of Pixar and enters Disclaimer’s The Manor.

aww was hoping for a little bit a furry action with the cute little rabbit. But it looks like it will be rabbit stew for her. Though I guess it isn’t really Disclaimers style. Either way great work I hope it is continued. As well as Heather & Astrid’s tale.

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