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congrats on the move to a new and better abode. Elsa’s eyes in panel two are some of the most enchanting peepers I’ve ever seen. II love her outfit and elbow gloves. Love to see you draw a full shot of Snape too, or maybe Hagrid can put Hermione through her paces? As for that badge… I guess the law of jungle trumps the law of the land: Survival of the Fittest.

I gotta say, my favorite characters in this are Elsa and Hermione. To have them on the same page is awesome :-P. It looks like we’re getting back to the party I’m hoping, I was really looking forward to more “details” with that haha.

On another note…Elsa in that second panel looks absolutely amazing. The detail of the drawing is beautiful, and her expression is hauntingly captivating. She looks so defeated and broken. I thought that was a bowl of cum at first and Anna being a bit sadistic with a mousetrap, but I think its actually a badge. RIP Judy? 🙁

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