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Wow, this page is beautiful! You’ve really captured Anna and Elsa here, especially in their eyes.

It’s been interesting so far to see how different the lives of all the slaves are in the manor. Can’t help but wonder what Anna has in store for her little piglet, and I’m curious to see how Elsa would get through a solo session with her dominating little sister. It’d be a bit traumatizing, I’m sure, but for whatever reason I actually like seeing Elsa scared/disgusted by what she has to do to stay alive or keep from becoming an Astrid.

Adoring panels 1 and 3, especially the eyes. Yeah though, I’m inclined to agree with Jack Attack…. 1 word rule, Elsa! Next you’ll be walking on two feet like a human being. Who’s the brown cum bucket though?

Anna’s flippant disregard for the safety of the chef’s assistants made me chuckle, and Hermione’s looking magnificent. Final props for the back of Anna’s head. That bun looks adorable.

Who’s the chick in the last panel and is Korra the brown cum bucket or is that Astrid cause she’s dirty af?

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