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Now we’re getting somewhere (good!)

(Please don’t cut away or breeze through this scene! Spend some panels, even pages, on developing the decadent, even taboo arousal and follow through!)

Plus I’ve never seen such an erotically-drawn pair of feminine lips and tongues. That panel is worth a page all by itself!

( . . . especially if it would return this comic to its original screen-filling landscape format.)

the first four panels are simply stunning. The suggestive dialogue and the way their bodies swim together is exquisite 😀 I’ve never appreciate the painful tightness of Elsa’s corset until now, and their tongues are beautiful. The silhouetted spectators is a good touch, and Anna’s patronising words are so psychologically demeaning I adore them. My only complaint (forgive me for bringing it up) is Anna’s eyes on panel… 6? seem a little bit derp. Great image otherwise buddy. Look forward to more more more.

I disagree with you about Anna’s eyes in panel six, I think she’s looking more like her innocent self than ever, even if her words and actions don’t match it.

I think we all see something different :). But I like what you talking about how her words not matching her actions, that is what I love about comics. What different things you can make the character say indirectly, Have them look angry and say ” I love you” or Make them smile as they say ” my friend here is going to cut your legs off” Scott McCloud in Understand Comics has a whole chapter on this.

I really like what you have done here, and the tongue bit is quite erotic. Make it last a few page long. Would love to see some Elsa action later on because we haven’t seen much of her, and I would like to see her with Anna getting a gangbang while they kiss, but I don’t want to see her quite broken. I would prefer if she becomes a kind of observer. Dive into her mind as she experience this sexual pleasure, but questions the morality of it all. Does sex have to be evil in order to be good, or can sex be used for good and offer yourself to those that crave for it. Else representing the good side with Anna in the evil side. Pitting a more grey area to this whole Manor business. Anyway, great work as always and I’m looking forward to this show Anna is planning for Elsa. Possibility of putting Elsa in a bunny outfit?

Also, and chance for you to add Merida from “Brave”? Here’s a bio, Merida seeks freedom from her old life as a princess but suddenly ends up in the Manor as a slave. While hesitant she slowly starts to accept and enjoy being one and formed a somewhat sexual friendship with Violet Parr. The two became slut sisters and enjoyed being fucked while making fun of the lesser known slaves. Which ever you pick. Please add Merida in this

Man, comparing the first page with the current page, I can’t stop but say you’ve improved quite spot with the comic art visuals. The shading, the lining, they’ve improved a lot since the scribel style in the beginning.

Another thing, Elsa. She’s so pathetic. So weak. So broken. It’s quite…….adorable. Her mistress isn’t going to make it better will she? I do hope Elsa becomes closer with her sister and the women of th Manor.

Setting aside my creepiness, you’re doing a fantastic job with her somewhat broken mentality. I’m surprised you haven’t made her into a crazed whore like Astrid or Korra. The latter whom I think you hinted at how she took a while to break. I’m quite curious in what in store for her. I feel like she and Astrid are dual protagonist for this series. If that comes to be true, then this will become even better.

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