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The real winner here is the dialogue. Anna’s motives, and psychology is perfectly explained, and there’s some nice references to Frozen. The tender way she cuddles up to big sis is beautiful. It’s a page that takes its time to savour the torment. Well done Dis.

The art is really damn good, and I really like how you did the dialogue. Anna had all this done to Elsa out of pure attention seeking and jealousy, but there is also some sadness to her. For Elsa to hear that Anna does not consider her a sister would add some sadness to her character, but also the possibility of Elsa now having either a motive now to retaliate and escape or just accept her current position and be with Anna

Curious on how the Manor story will end since there is also Astrid to deal with. Any plans on a finale? Because you also have “Heather’s Pet” to finish up, and maybe a new story for certain and new characters

The credit of the writing goes to the writer. I like your view on the relationship between Elsa and Anna. I think reading into the relationship between the characters makes it interesting for the viewer.

I don’t really see an end for the manor, It see it as my ongoing project. I think I might do smaller projects on the side after finishing heather’s pet. I have an idea in the works called “ruff night”

Alter Elsa’s outfit abit later on. I like what she’s wearing because she’s exposed, but I just had this strange fixation of her being a white rabbit. Maybe appear as a white innocent slut outfit you could try?

Also will we see more Korra or Marinette?

Such a twisted scene but one that’s oddly beautiful at the same time. You’ve done a good job of showing how twisted Anna’s become (or perhaps she’s always been this way and has just been hiding it until now) while still showing traits of the Anna we’re familiar with. I’m already pumped up for what’s going to happen next.

Interesting to get some insight into Anna’s character…her reasoning for why she’s doing all this. It’s pretty fucked up since Elsa was just trying to protect her in a way, but now we can see some of her logic behind her motives. I just hope Anna keeps Elsa around…their dynamic is too good to get rid off in this in my opinion lol

This is excellent. The insight you’ve brought into the character of Anna is wonderfully explained and interesting. The jealous of her sister was a clever motive to bring Elsa down. And the artwork expresses so much emotion and shock value.

Keep up the good work.

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