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Love Elsa’s expressions, the horror and grief. Sadly Elsa is not very bright, she is meant to oink as her sister takes her, after all she was only allowed one word at this party. She can’t just ignore having her toy being so disobedient, it will ruin her social reputation!
You better hope Queen Anna will come up with a suitable punishment on her own, as I am sure she will be more forgiving than if she hands you over to Azula for a night of female bonding.

Wow. Well that was something. Kinda hope Elsa gets her revenge, but I also hope that she gets a good gang-bang after this. Give Elsa one after Anna is done because we haven’t seen that yet.

Speaking of, what happen to Astrid? And will there be any other new characters joining the Manor? Because I want to see more Korra, but I also think Marinette should get an arc of her own as we see her viewpoint in the Manor, but also a cruel fate for her as she has no choice but to be part of it due to Cat Noir. Hermione should get a short arc as she gained a rival in the form of Luna Lovegood.

Lastly, please add Merida from “Brave”. I checked your HF page and found the image and you added a good bio. Use that

THanks man. I had a few ideas about the last panel but I am happy with what I went with. talk about the future of the comic. we have some great things plan. it will take a while but we will get there soon. I have thought what to do with cat and hermione. I will think about it for the future.

I very recently found out about this site, and I read through the whole thing. It is defenitely in my taste, and I can’t wait to see more.

I wonder if this strap-on can ejaculate? That’d be fun to see. Can degrade Elsa enough.

One question, and this might have been answered somewhere, but I wouldn’t know. What kind of characters are you willing to put into this comic? I can see that it’s disney-dreamworks stuff mostly (if that’s where they from), and not so much anime or marvel/DC comics. Do you only draw characters from a particular kind of source?

I am glad you are enjoying the comic, I was wondering if you could let me know how you found out about The Manor. The strap-on doesn’t not ejaculate but we did have an interesting talk about that during the stream and I might use some of the ideas we had on later stuff.

The characters I use are mostly what I enjoy and sometimes what fans suggest. We sometimes have polls on the patreon for characters to use for arch. I have an animation background so I might have more of a preference to characters from animation more. I do like indie stuff more then marvel or DC, we did use of the characters in the background but that might change in the future. I hope that make sense.

I had to go through a LOT of pictures, but I finally found the one that brought me here (The things I do for people on the internet..:p)

It was the picture titled ‘The Manor’, from the user ShadowMist on Hentaifoundry. It featured Filthy Pigs and humiliation, two of my favourite things. Recently when I looked through it again I noticed in the text below the picture that it was actually fanart for a comic, so I decided to check it out.

Also, there are streams too? Shit, I need more than just ask questions, I need a whole FAQ. Keep up the nice comic, and never let up on their degradation, if you go soft on them, so does my di…interest:p

Like someone else said, I feel like Elsa’s going to get in trouble because she keeps forgetting the rule, but I think Anna’s reveling in the conversation.

Excellent expressions here, especially in that last panel! Good thing they blocked Elsa’s powers, otherwise everyone around them would probably be dead by now.

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