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*sheds a tear* if i see that pig chief i’ll gut his sorry excuse of a french swine and make him suffer for killing my favorite rabbit.let’s face it she was my favorite and you let him kill judy he better watch his pork back because he wont be lucky if i end him so easily *my dragon wings spreads out*

I’ve wanted to message you directly with some references you might want to look at. But sorry, this comic is ceasing to be fun or even enjoyable for me now. Having enjoyed the movie Zootopia and its bright message as much as I have, I can see no productive or even salacious point in the direction this Manor subplot is going — even as excellently drawn as it is. Also the tryst between Anna and Elsa was too short, or interrupted if it is to be longer. For really well-done erotic comics that carry scenes well for pages, consider taking a look at the comics of Jay Naylor, or the comic The Roadwars. Email me if you want specific accessible links.

You do have a unique voice, and a wonderful drawing style, Disclaimer. But you’re pushing this somewhat too far towards a pointlessly and never-endingly dark and bloody side now, at least for my kinked tastes. A great comic needs a good and varied story, along with great art. I’ll hold out hope for a more hopeful “change in the weather” for perhaps a few more pages (i.e. a real win for a slave, even an open revolt where the Maid gets seriously subbed for a change), and if not, at least I intend to fondly remember the earlier Manor I grew to enjoy for a while.

Give us a real Astrid & Judy win though, and I might be happy again.

i couldn”t agree more to be honest judy’s role was too early and i would of at least make her as a furry breeder instead of food because ive been wanting to see her more but more like a sex crazed rabbit the whole making her food was really a heartbreaker and now i was afraid i might not want to continue reading this sure if it was elsa or the others astrid hm…. could see more different but for judy my heart sank so hard i went into my dragon mode…. and yes i got two sides of me and trust me u dont want to meet my sinister side. disclaimer i’m not going to hate you for the cool comic i’m just sadden that judy’s role was cut too short i wanted to see her more as something else maybe the furry breeder like i mention because you could of used i don’t know lexi bunny and some would of agree she needed to be killed from that horrible cartoon but don’t kill judy hopps so early and astrid hm… could of been more better if she was role reversed with a animal and not a human it would be more funnier that way it worked in family guy

I think you should probably hold your horses for just another couple of pages….

why? i’m just really heartbroken because of this untimely moment

Hello Norcoaster,
Thank you for your feedback. I understand where you are coming from and I can respect that. When it come to story telling I am still learning and the stories that I am exploring might not be for everyone. I have been planning some smaller Comics to do in the future, so I try to vary up the themes for them. I hope that makes sense, also can you email me the links that you were talking about at

Well she definitely lost her colours

I’m having very mixed feeling about this. As much as I like the art this has started to become quite depressing because I quite like Judy and I would rather not have her in a worst position she’s about to get into. Hope you have something planned out

Also, what happen to Astrid?

keep in mind she’s got fur so she’s never naked in a cold environment

maybe so but shes not a winter rabbit and i seen the zootopia movie twice she already got cold in ice water during training being covered in fur with clothes reduces her freezing but naked nope soon to be dead hope he got a loophole to save her for something else

I think I’m happy either way, but probably because I know The Manor’s a place of dark horrors. It’s a psychological nightmare-scape of torture, lust, and and unhappy endings. I hoped Mr Softy would make it, and Astrid would save the day. Alas no. Part of what I enjoy about this is Judy gets her happy ending in Zootopia. This isn’t that place. Elsa, Korra, The Incredibles, Ariel, Miraculous Ladybug, they’ve all suffered immensely, and that’s what I’m here to see. People plucked from their happy endings to endure wicked experiences. This is to me the perfect escapism from escapism. All the same though, I’m willing to bet you’ll get your wish.

mmhmm i know its a darken place but with me i rather give them a better role mostly korra maybe elsa and judy because with me i like i mention would of have them as sex crazed lovers that might escape or hidden from there cruel demise and at least thats one think judy isn’t going to die from since she’s not wet but seeing that expression makes me feel sadness and thinking she’s going to die if i had a chance i save her but im another story and im just everyone agrees they want more judy hopps and astrid and the one thing bothers me is that maid i slowly read the story and pages and i don’t even know what’s it’s deal since like others mention the maid just pops up and we see more on the other characters then we know about the maid

With this I can honestly compare you to Donatien Alphonse François, the Marquis de Sade. This is so close to a scene right out of A Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom. Take that as you will.

By the way I hate your site. It keeps acting like pages you’ve already posted don’t exist, making me jump through hoops to get to the latest five or so pages you’ve posted, even if they are one’s I’ve read before.

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