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I suspect Remy and Emile (especially Emile) have adapted to the manor perfectly. Emile seems to love it. Two great characters and their expressions and dialogue are hilarious to me. Loving Judy’s tail and the vent lighting too

Yeah, there’s a distinct possibility Judy is being taken form bad to a DIFFERENT bad. (heck, in his own, twisted way, the cook may be thinking he was doing her a favor..killing her as opposed to what virtually anyone else in the Manor would do to any sentient being capable of suffering…then again, maybe that’s just his “flavor”. Either way, there is ALSO a good chance that they are part of a legitimate resistance…”rats in the walls, ignored for thier insignificance”
In one of my favorite films of all time, Ladyhawke(seriously, go watch it, it hold sup to the test of time marvelosly), the villianous cardinal makes a comment when he finds out the comic relief of the movie managed to escape his unescapable fortress: “Great storms announce themselves as simple breezes” and he was right.

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