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If Remy and Emile are at the Manor, I wonder if any other mice are involved.
I’m thinking of Brain (from Pinky and the Brain). He always struck me as one who could be very twisted. Maybe he’s running the place? Forget about taking over the world. He could take over the Manor!

hm…. im not sure but then again there is gadget since he mention goggles but will soon find out and poor raven and something is defiantly wrong with violet and looks like judy is slowly waking up thank goodness this manor is getting super crazy too

Judy Hopps has well and truly descended down the rabbit hole of madness. That inking and light in the vents is gorgeous. I think Raven might be a little more reality than some can stomach, but the dark power of a house that is the epicentre of rape, hedonism, and cruelty is going to have to break some eggshells to make those juicy omelettes. Great to see Violet again, and the masked Mr Incredible.

What horrors await in the chamber? I am all too eager to find out *claps excitedly*

Why? Out of all the characters you could have used, why Raven? You could have done something with her. And what does she mean that the big dude snapped her?

Now I’m really doubting here whether I should continue with this, but I’m wondering what’s the end game here?

I don’t think Raven’s death is going to be permanent.

I personally view that there are too few pieces of art out there that shows of Helen Parr’s stretching ability, especially in this sort of setting. So I would absolutely loooove to actually see what it means that she was snapped. Please grant us this indulgence All Mighty Disclaimer!

I mean no disrespect, but this comic has started to drift far too much into a Saw movie’s territory for my taste.

I feel like we are seeing less and less sex and more and more torture porn.

Perhaps it says something about me that im ok with the fantasy of corruption, sex slavery, and rape, but not the fantasy for torture, murder, and dismemberment.

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