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hm…. this is tempting and i do reconized each but the one next to gwen tennyson who was that?

Yay! Slutty Marinette. Love her joyful face as she gets tentacle fuck, but why can’t we get an arc of her from turning innocent little girl to full on slut? I feel she hasn’t got much appreciation so far. Well too late now. Wonder how Cat Noir will fell about this? He might just leave Marinette if that what it takes to escape the Manor as his effort was for nothing

Also, I kinda want to see a Gwen Tennyson arc if possible. Seeing her life in the Manor and how she’s dealing with it. but who’s the girl next to her?

Samurai Jack won’t fall like this. Should have picked Ilana or Lance from “Sym-Bionic Titan” instead

I suddenly have a theory who’s running the Manor. It’s a character that has never been used in anything except the web

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