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This is the best fucking comic ever. Just discovered and completely reqd today 😅

I check this site for updates every day 🙂 Each time there’s a new comic it’s bitter sweet because I love the work, but it marks the start of a new wait.

Thank you for your dedication, @disclaimer!

Say, I know it’s been awhile since this page was posted, but I have a question for you. I’ve noticed what may be a few common artistic things with the Maid and was wondering if I was just overthinking it. It seems like before her most sadistic/angry moments, her eyes go pale and her gums seem black. The white eyes seem to occur with other characters as well during their crueler moments; I noticed it with Anna specifically. Is this a thing, or just a random little art thing that happens?

I don’t know who you are or why people like you even exist but this is not a story or even art. Elsa and Anna are two of my favorite characters and seeing Elsa treated like this by her own sister is wrong. Disney created Elsa and Anna to be disney characters, they did not create them so we could torture and degrade them for our amusement. How dare you do this to her. How dare you drag her down like this. How dare you turn her sister against her. Elsa is the Snow Queen of Arandel, not some sex slave to be tortured for amusement. Also how dare all of you people take a liking to this. Rape is not something to enjoy or to laugh at. It is a sin, a crime in and of itself, and an utmost wretched and degrading atrocity to both body and soul. I hope there are those of you who have a conscience but if not than you are no better then ‘disclaimer’ here. And believe me when I say this that every time someone like you dies the world becomes a somewhat safer place.

And who are you to judge what’s a story or art? Let people enjoy what the enjoy as long as it doesn’t harm a real person. I didn’t make a scene when Judy’s leg was cut off even though she’s one of my favorite characters. And you know why? Because it’s fictive. And people can do to fictional characters whatever they want to do.
And yes, rape is a serious crime. But I’ve never heard of anyone who was arrested for having rape fantasies about fictional characters. And that’s the difference between rape in real life and rape in art. Or would you rather have people rape real people even if it could be prevented with a sort of outlet that doesn’t harm anyone?
I can only speak for myself here, but I enjoy this comic.

….just had to post something cause of the comment above because woooow…way to defend fictional chatacters in a fictional story! Bet Elsa and Anna even show up at their front door to give them a hug and song about their gratitude.yeah…

I for one very much like this comic. I am a sick twisted individual who is quite gentle in real life, and i found this comic from HF cause of a preggy piggy Elsa pic Disclaimer did and needed more.^^ i am eagerly awaiting the next page! Can there be some breeding and preggy pretty please!!<3

Also musing over who the master of this house is…have a theory of course but theories can be wrong.^^

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