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I never thought I’d say this but I actually feel sorry for Astrid. You’re doing a good job making me hate Elsa, I want you to have no limits to what you do that cunt, make her suffer lol.

I’m not an idiot, you seem like one because you forgot to proofread and put you in your comment. yes Astrid is a freak and has serious problems, but wouldn’t you if you got raped and beaten all day, and had zero friends. If you read disclaimers other comics, Heather makes her fuck the pigs. But you have to admit Elsa is a real bitch, Astrid did so much for her but Elsa treats her like garbage. also read the comment carefully, I said I never thought I’d say this, honestly I just want to see another slave other than Astrid get tortured, it’ll spice things up. I want to see Elsa or Violet get raped and tortured because it gets annoying if you see only one person all the time, I like the Astrid stuff but you kinda get sick of it after a while and want someone new.

I love how people are arguing over who deserves the pig rape, and who the real monster is and blah blah blah…

I want to see them both go through this crap. I dont have any attachment to either of them. Even if i did, id still want to see them chocking down pig cum.

In my opinion Astrid don’t deserve that but is fun and Elsa is a bitch for obvious reasons.

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