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+1 to anyone that can guess what’s being said in the last panel!

Something like
“It is dangerous…….rigid the whore.”
“It is dangerous tough whore. Take it.”

Am I close?

I think you were closer. The word “fuck” is definitely a part of it, as is “whore.”

If we combine out thoughts we get, “Its dangerous to fuck a whore. Take this.” which is close, but there seems to be another word I cant figure out.

I’ll be your translator into Russian.
Though the phrase you got is so beautiful phonetically that I even didn’t want to correct it.
Was glad to help!

And yes, I am intrigued.

Hey Dahr.
Thanks for the translation, I have some more russian text in the next page and I might reach out to you for the translations if that is ok with you. Also what is the name of the font that you are using for russian. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Dear author. Is is possible, that you are interested in more precise translation into russian?

It would be great if you have a better translation for that page. For later pages we got an artist by the name of Dahr, but we missed this page.

Ow, dear author, I saw this humble man already translated this page, however what is the reason you not implemented his work?

Lazyness. I will make the changes 🙂 btw what do you think about The Manor?

Ow, dear autgor, it is reeeaally inssssspiring and gorgeoussssm. My favorite character so far is the maid, she is so butefull and realy gives great aesthetic pleasure. I watching your works only to see her, if to be completely honest. I’m looking ffforward to see more of your work.

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