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What the fuck?! are you even the same disclaimer i hate for humiliating some of the great female animated leads and making them slaves? the same one that had Anna betray her sister, which is stated IN THE FUCKING MOVIE AND BY THE CAST AND CREW SHE WOULD NEVER DO AND WOULD RATHER DIE THAN DO THAT?!?

Ah, I see you found a way around our ban. That will be corrected shortly. But regarding your comments, here is the thing. We don’t really mind if you hate us for making animated leads slaves or for humiliating them and we certainly won’t be losing any sleep over it. Also, nor do we pay attention to what the cast and crew say what a character would or would not do. If you haven’t noticed, this is a fan comic. This is not connected to those works at all. We take liberties with those characters and while we try to keep some of the original traits, we Flanderize them to the extremes for sure, other wise they would not fit the setting. And things like this will continue to happen to characters we bring on. If you don’t like it, I suggest you simply ignore it as your comments are neither constructive or needed or wanted for that matter. I will give you one more chance to behave and act like a big boy but if I see a comment like this one again or you attacking/insulting another user, the Banhammer will fall fast on your ass.

Mr. Carson. I think you have forgotten that THIS. IS. A. FANCOMIC. Mr. Disclaimer only owns the comic, not the Disney movies and other cartoon shows that belong to their own respective company. It is not official in any shape or form. Even if your hate it, please keep your feelings unto yourself and not turn the comment section into a tongue-lashing flaming.

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