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1) Raava and Vaatu. Ultimate tentacle action battle as they both fucked Korra hard for absolute dominance until they’re inside her. Leading to her either be good and continuing pleasuring and fucking all the people she cares about while being a slutty whore (Foursome with Mako, Bolin, and Asami, and then an orgy with everyone), or be evil and control the world and turn everyone into her own personal sex slave and make people fuck each other for her amusement while pleasuring herself (Korra makes Asami watch while she forcefully fucks Asami’s father and Mako, while Asami herself is gang-banged by the Triple Triads).

2) Korra uses Metal bending to restrain Zhu Li, while she makes a long metal dildo. Korra attaches it in her pussy and fucks Zhu Li

3) Please have Sarah from “The Last of Us” be next after Korra

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