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I like how the corruption is covering/penetrating her, but I worry what will happen to Raava. Will she find another host to become the Avatar, or will she die and be reborn into another?

I’m very angry and dissappointed in korra, giving up so easy to depravity!
that goes for everyone who’s trapped in that hell-hole they call a manor.

Man i wanna go to this place like a one-man swat team and rescue the all women (whether they want to be or not), beat down the opposing and burn the place to ashes

Look i now that it’s for entertainment and you and your viewer may hate me for sounding like a prude, but damn it i can’t stand seeing the heroes protagonist in comix, hentai, etc losing to the sadistic pervert.

(no offense to you disclamer, just the little hero in me beasting is all. keep doin ur thang with the art)

Hey man, I am understand your concerns with the comic, I would have them too with a real place like this. But the manor, being fictional, is meant to entertain only. I did really enjoy your comment and it gave me some idea that I was told I can’t use :). My only request is that you keep your tone civil in future comments, like you have with this comment. There was another person who I had to warn and then finally ban from the website because he had started to become abusive. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers

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