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This is bizarre. Someone is showing Astrid sympathy/pity and she seems to actually be enjoying herself in the last panel? What black sorcery is this?

I wonder what happens next.

I know what you mean, it was too late before we realized what happened. The writer almost fainted when he saw the page and I had to stare at a wall for 4 hours to stop myself from jumping out of the window. We will try to correct this as soon as possible.

I have more perfect slave bitches for you to draw, draw Lana Kane from archer cause she thinks she tough and all that so knock her down a few pegs. And draw hailey from American dad who thinks she’s a tough stuck up woman. I feel that they if anybody deserve the same treatment as Astrid. You should make them go to the pig den and get raped as punishment for being disobidient or something.

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