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On one hand I want her to do it, on the other I don’t just to see her fuck pigs and see how much more she could possibly be debased.

Much more, I can assure you. You have not seen the depths she’s willing to go quite yet. But you ever wonder why? Astrid doesn’t seem to complain much does she? Is she really just that broken? Curious…curious… :p

Hehe, that is exactly what I love to hear, and makes me very excited for the future, and very curious about her story arc.:) And yes, I have been wondering that recently. She is very…accepting of pretty much everything up until this specific little back slide. Makes you wonder how much of her, definitely deserved ;), subhuman level is external and internal.

This is all becoming too much for me. Think that was it for me for the manor.
Stuff like with Korra seems way less degrading and inhuman than with Elsa and especially Astrid.
I do like humiliation, but to an extent and I think the manor is definitely more than I’m comfortable with. I stuck with it as long as I could, but I’m done now.

We understand Bot, we realize that this is not for everybody and the humiliation in this current arc is up there for sure. We had told our patreons and people in our streams that it was going to be the most hardcore arc yet. However, on the flip side I do urge you to stick around a little longer till the end of the arc to see if you still feel that way towards Astrid. Bear in mind that it will get more hardcore as we go(in this story arc anyways) But there is a reason for this occurring to Astrid and we are going to be developing her character. So have a little trust in us. We’re not 100% sadists.

Other wise, thank you for sticking with us for as long as you did.

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