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The quality of your artwork in the top and bottom Astrid panels has reached a new and even emotionally engaging high. Bravo! It is up there with the best comic artwork I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps the morality you talked of about Astrid a few pages ago might be victorious in some way though. The quality of her artwork seems to almost call for it now. Even if it’s a temporary or false victory, or a setback, it would make perhaps a nice change and variety from the unremitting triumph of evil to date. It would be nice for the Maid (or the thing controlling her) to have problems to deal with at times — even to have to subdue or rein in her charges with sex if necessary. We actually haven’t been seeing many open depictions of honest, real copulating for virtually ten pages now . . . an eternity in erotic comics.

But more high-quality Astrid art, please (maybe Elsa, too) . . . especially of the rest of her (or them), and especially perhaps being barebacked on their backs.

hey Norcoater,
Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the kind words. With astrid there is an over arching story that we are tell. It is taking a while but we will get there soon. As for image of the girls barebacking it, I have been looking for some free time to do some pinup work :).

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