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Yay. Got to see a nice new naughty picture come out for my birthday. :3 Know it is not for me, but still make me happy.

I am not sure I agree entirely with Anna’s choice in costume. It is very adorable, but I found that the piggy mask that covered the mouth was so naughty and lewd that it will probably be an all time favorite of mine, rather than a simply nose… Then again she wouldn’t be able to oink with it on. =P Guess you have to sacrifice style for practicality sometimes.

Love Elsa’s look of resignation and shame when she is reminded she can only oink. I hope her mind will never break as far as Astrid… Humiliation is no fun if the target has no dignity anymore. Not unless you want to humiliated someone the target knows rather than the target itself.

Keep up the good work, and stay naughty. 🙂

I gotta say. I pretty like Elsa’s new outfit, but I think a snow bunny appearance would suit her well instead of this. The pig pretty much belongs to Astrid now

Also, thank you for introducing Marinette Cheng. She’s become part of a list of girls I’ve become attracted to after finding out about Miraculous Ladybug. Besides the fact that she’s really cute she also has fantastic lips. Don’t let anything bad happen to her or else I’ll be sad. Make her part of the story as a sweet naive girl being corrupted into a slut. Still retaining her innocence, but doesn’t mind being fuck. And if she’s frustrated then that’s what Astrid is for

Any chance in the future after you finish the Manor story that you would make another involving Marinette in her own solo story? Besides the Magical School idea I suggested to you I figured you would create your own superhero kind of story, but it will involve Marinette and a couple of people she knows along with you creating your own villains and such. It’ll be set in Paris obviously

I might try that out, drawing her in a bunny outfit. I agree it would be a great look for her. THe manor is going to be going on for a while, I might be able to do other comic once I am doing this full time. Maybe I can do this as a stand alone comic.

Marinette Cheng deserves some attention, and as a superhero comic you can do a lot of stuff. I was thinking that each arc will involve her as Ladybug facing villains she never expected to face. Each villain will be different then the last, but all had the same kind of idea, and Marinette being a sweet and innocent girl will be forced to experience it and be fucked everywhere in all holes.

Like how you introduce her here she would experience it and would be shocked by it that she tries to escape, but after every victories her body starts to crave for more sex and slowly corrupting her. However, would she continue to retain her dignity while craving o be fucked more?

You could think of a lot of ideas if you’re planning to create your own villains, and maybe a filler story along the way. Let me know what you think of this

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