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Great piece! Looking forward for more of Wendy in the Manor – and even if she doesn’t show up, its good to see you drawing her again. ^^ Congrats for the 100th page, and the way you keep them coming steady, is really inspiring!!

I can pretty much imagine what to expect in the party. Hoping for some good gang-bang action

Congratulations on your 100th page. You’ve come along way since then. I never thought I would enjoy this, but you’ve kept my interest, and there is a plot going on involving how all of this is happening. Will we expect an answer and conclusion to this?

Anyway, is “The Party” like the 2nd arc? Because if it is then how many arcs are you planning? Because I have some ideas of some characters you should try for this. One character in particular I think you should give it a shot if there’s time. The rest I’ll mention later.

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