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Awww. The cousins are bonding. <3 Lucky princess sow got the pink. Rapunzel doesn't look happy about getting the stink, but someone has to. Poor girl hasn't even gotten slave name yet either. She deserve one though, such a nasty girl, sticking her tongue so far up her foster-mommy's tight brown entrance.

Didn’t you maim Hans? Anyway, not a bad page and I can’t wait to see who is behind all of this in the Manor. Any chance you can add another character after this? Like Ultimate Marvel Mary Jane Watson? In this her slave master is J. Jonah Jameson

No, that was Kristoff. Hans is the well dressed guy with awesome sideburns

Aww, I wanted to see Elsa get lesbian gangbanged. Or atleast raped by Anna.

Great to know that the party has began. I’m excited to see who’s invited and what happens.

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