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It just occurred to me: does the maid have a name, or is this one of those situations where a name is meaningless, all she is is “The Maid?”

I mean, Azula and Violet kept their names despite being lower than her, or did they have to earn their names back?

Will we get an explanation soon what’s going on and why? Who’s is in control and how everyone is being twisted?

It is all part of the story, we will address some of these issues in the future.

Please don’t take it the wrong way I love your work but like any story some answers need to be given even if it just raises more questions otherwise it’s like a boring porn video all sex scenes and no talking. Big deal.

Quite sexy. Want to see this maid get fucked more. Still, who is behind all of this anyway? And how long you think this will go on until it’s finally over? I was hoping for some new stories

Thanks, dude. And as for who is behind all of this, all in good time.

Also when you say new stories, do you mean stories in The Manor or just different stories with different characters like heather’s pet?

A little R&R for Josephine haha. I am definitely looking forward to whatever the main attraction is, as well as what happens with Elsa. I know you bring other characters into The Manor, but Elsa’s storyline is definitely my favorite haha. I like how Anna treats her like a pet but a bit better than Astrid’s situation given how, as mentioned earlier, they share royal blood.

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