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I like the introduction of poor piggie Korra again. ^-^

I must admit though that seeing the maid overshined by the butler like this is more disappointing for me. :/

Hope we will see more than just the guys using Korra. Would love to see her abused by some corrupted and evil mistresses. Like Azula, Katara, Toph, or one of the airbender girls. :3
Or maybe force a slave Azami to see her love broken like this, before making her bring her to orgasm in front of the crowd.

Yay! More Korra! Kinda wish you gave her a slutty maid outfit because I’ve seen her in one and she looked sexy in it. Or that outfit you showed in her story

The Butler is an interesting addition. Will he be like a rival for the Maid?

Korra in a maid outfit, maybe as a pin-up. Also The Butler’s relation to the Maid will be explored more in the new pages.

Still I wonder who is really behind all of what’s going on in the Manor?

Also, any chance to introduce Tracer from “Overwatch”? She still maintains her personality while happily enjoys being a slut, but teases the other less rank slaves like Astrid. She and Korra start fiddling with each other until they become slut sisters. Teaming up and making love with each other while being fucked by other guys. And share them. You planning to introduce Azami? This would make it worse for her to see Korra with Tracer

Come to think about it you should introduce Tracer in your story as she and Korra become really close. Then they both play around with Marinette Cheng into all kinds of things until they made her into becoming part of their group as their own personal sex toy/fuck buddy/fellow slut sister

Please do a Korra and Tracer pair then Marinette Cheng. Please do it! And then maybe a tournament story

Two pages, wow! And a great two pages…especially the second one haha. I wonder who the butler is? And poor Korra, she’s really been put through the ringer it seems lol. And people above mentioned bringing Asami (not Azami :-P) into the manor…that would definitely be fun to see.

Im also a fan of the idea of a competition between the butler and the maid, perhaps a way of proving themselves to an unseen person or thing master, and a thumbs up 👍 vote on a duel style torture of asami, maybe the butler stole korra from the maid and now she must torture asami as the only way left to get to korra.

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