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Lovely. ^-^ Azula is such a cruel bitch, making Asami watch in horror. Makes the scene so much more humiliating with Korra’s mind currently not being in a state where it is possible to degrade her, and nice to see Asami still have enough of herself to be so.

Makes me wonder if Asami and Azula are the same levels of slaves in the manor, and Azula is just rubbing it in. Or if Asami is a level lower, and Azula has the authority to boss her around properly. Or if Asami is her pussy pet.

In any case, really amazing work. 🙂 Stay naughty.

Yes, at this point Azula is a slave in name only. She has nearly unlimited freedom, the only difference is that she can’t order The Manor employee/attendants around like the Manor Mistresses and Sirs can.(The Maid attending to Anna)

Nearly unlimited power, and still rewards for being a good girl is to be allowed to sleep in a bed for the night and getting something nice from the kitchen? Being one of the alphas among the slaves doesn’t seem very generous XD. Then again it is a long way up from sleeping in the sty or the rape rooms. :3

From what I understand of Azula, she’d be fairly content to be able to lord it over her inferiors, even if her own power is limited. I imagine she’d be plotting on ways of taking over, but maybe she’s just having too much fun. I imagine that Ty Lee and Mai wouldn’t be too happy, though.

Well that was something. Korra loves to be a slut and Asami couldn’t stand it. You should totally make this a thing. Have Asami being tormented and humiliated constantly while she’s being forced to watch Korra happily being fucked alot with no shame. And worse someone new likes to play with her. Please add Tracer from “Overwatch” in this as she and Korra become slut sisters. Also give Korra a slutty dog outfit

I was experimenting with Asami, I think it came out to great effect. We have some great plans for Korra in the future, will see how it goes. Also not really sure about tracer in The Manor, Maybe in the future.

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