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Beautiful pictures. :3
Still feel sorry for Astrid with her mind so far gone.

thanks dude, dont worry, it will only get worse for her.

Awww. Poor little pigfucker is already so far gone. 🙁
A bit curious if Astrid is being abused so much in both comics because you hate or love canon Astrid. XD Haven’t seen How to Train Your Dragon, so How to Train Your Astrid/Heather’s Pet was actually my first introduction to any sort of character/version for Astrid. So yeah, only really gotten to know her as piggy, don’t know if her canon is annoying.
But yeah. Was our little piggy born out of twisted love, or because you hate her and wanted to see her punished?

I don’t mind the canon Astrid, they have made her a lot more cuter in the latest stuff. Astrid has just become the go to character that I draw when I am not thinking of anything, kinda like a random shape you might doddle. I think the little piggy was born out of twisted love, it is wired we don’t do things to her because we hate her. it is just interesting to put her in situations and imagine what her reaction would have been. you got to be cruel to be kind :). does any of that make sense.

Poor Astrid, she’s pretty much lost her mind. Doesn’t look like there’s any light at the end of the tunnel for her haha.

I will say though, I hope Elsa doesn’t go this far. I kinda like where she’s at now…reluctantly accepting her role as a slave. She knows its wrong but is helpless to do anything about it.

Maybe you can have either Elsa or Astrid (preferably Elsa) as “stress relief”…something the other slaves can have fun with to unwind after the party 😉

lol. Astrid still has a long way to going in The Manor, this is the just the tip of her story.
I like how you talked about Elsa, in the context of the manor she is more of a pet than a slave. I will put up a guide to the different types of slaves in the Manor and maybe give more hints about how things work in the Manor.
What do you think of the manor so far?

I’ve definitely liked the story so far! It’s an interesting take on the dark side of some of our perversions haha. And the Frozen fandom is one of my favorites, so I’ve definitely enjoyed the Elsa/Anna parts. But I’ve also liked the other characters such as Korra as well…they keep the story fresh and fun haha.

And I like how its not just completely porn. You’re managing to make a good story out of it all. I’m looking forward to learning more about the manor and its workings. A guide about the different kind of slaves might be helpful, just to see how things shake down.

And not to throw things at you, it is your story after all haha, but maybe Anna can get another slave. A personal hand maiden type of thing, who would also act as a…manager/disciplinarian of sorts for pet Elsa haha, knocking her down the social ladder even more. Fills the Josephine role when the maid isn’t around and Anna is bored of Elsa.The idea just came to me after seeing Eugene with both Rapunzel and Gothel, so I figured why can’t Anna have two xD

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