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Yea! Seeing Astrid awake and perhaps begin to reclaim herself!

This is now beginning to get exciting. For the first time in this comic, I find myself waiting with anticipation for the next page! Here’s hoping for some exciting turns of plot (some decent cat fighting, nude grappling and compelled sex might still be good though.)

In hindsight though, some very good foreshadowing here, building on Astrid’s remaining altruism, and stirring herself to the rescue. Nice art, too by the way, but remember, I’m a writer.

Lol I am happy to provide, there will be some fighting in the future. Btw What type of stuff do you wirte ?

Well, I’ve written a couple screenplays (under my real name, which I’d prefer not to link with this pseudonym) — each in a different genre to build my portfolio. But they’ve proven very difficult to sell.

Under a different pseudonym besides this one, I’ve also completed the first novel of what will be an historical erotic romance trilogy, and am partway into the second while outlining the third. Prior to all that, I had also started an erotic novel set at a modern university (all mutually-agreed encounters) that I was originally writing mostly as just a “sketching exercise” in words for my own entertainment, as well as to develop my writing skills in the genre, while reading comparable novels. I also tried my hand at “word sketching” a dark erotic sequel to HTTYD involving Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, and several other characters, just for my own entertainment as I’d have no idea where to publish it, even online, nor am I really interested in doing so. That one is about two-thirds complete, but I have other writing projects and work I should attend to for the near-term.

But with the completion of the historical novel, I now think the collegiate one is good enough to complete as well — especially as the finished novel hasn’t been picked up by a traditional publisher or agent. The historical is a little on the long side at over 400 pages, and is perhaps a little “Les Miserables” or dark. Most erotic romance novels are either emotionless banging of bodies, or hopelessly fluffy pieces no self-respecting guy of any persuasion would likely want to read! I wanted real heart and real eroticism in a realistic historical setting with high stakes.

So I am saving up to start “indie” or self-publishing both the historical and the collegiate novels, using an independently-sourced team of freelancers through a coordinating service, rather than one of the growing number of over-priced “indie” publishers now entering the scene.

Plus, under yet another pseudonym, I’ve been writing tamer serialized online novels (my “training novels” as I call them) for several years to decent but fairly quiet acclaim. They haven’t been receiving reviews from established sources like The Manor has here, but one of my online novels did win a contest.

Once I start earning with my novels or screenplays though, I’d like to get an iPad and some comic software, and start doing my own erotic comics as an additional creative sideline for fun — to bring my own ideas to life, as well as teaching myself how to storyboard my own screenplays. Don’t worry though, I’m not interested in, nor would I even attempt to try, emulating the work you’ve been doing here with The Manor! Not my direction of interest. But I’ve been watching your page layouts (both landscape and portrait — horizontal and vertical) and styling, comparing them with other erotic comic artists. You’re doing pretty good, which is why I’m still here!

Any eyepatch on Kim? Now there’s some sort of backstory. Kind of amused at the idea that she’s so desperate to avoid whatever punishment she imagines that she totally forgets acrobatics are her best weapon. That, or she thinks Astrid is so little a threat she doesn’t think she needs to bother. Either works.

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