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Well this is unexpected, but the Maid and the Butler want to one-up each other using Elsa, Astrid and Korra. Wonder how that will go. At least Elsa got portions of her power back, but I’m doubting it will last. Hope something good would come out of it, but that’s just asking too much

what bothers me is it’s still all uncertain just how much of the psychotic asshat-ery is caused by whatever versions of these characters that got pulled out of the multiverse and they were really always that way..or how much is being caused by the manor itself.It can apparently grab people at will, the “black stuff” definately has a corrupting effect….and Elsa at the beginning didn’t ACT like someone who grew up next to a raving psychotic… so it’s more likely that Anna was grabbed and infected as a setup for the current “performance” being put on for the Manor’s amusement. Which means she’s not at fault. there are still a LOT of unknown variables here.

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