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Simply beautiful, Dis. Amethyst’s four arms being put to great use. I hope she gets to inflict some painful pleasure on Peridot soon too. The mud sliding up Korra’s ass and abs is delicious too. Such a shame the bottom panel doesn’t scroll down another 100 or so pixels for the money shot of the honey pot 😉

Well this is going to be something, but also expected. This is however later on going to get out of hand if it continues, and some of the slaves would take advantage of this to escape the Manor. Question i what kind of a world are they in anyway? Anyhow, I hope Elsa and Astrid would make it through, but I’m wondering about Korra

Speaking off, wondering if Asami would inherit the Avatar powers as Raava transfers herself to her from Korra. Would be something

The only one who could help Korra recover her true personality by reconnecting Korra to Raava is Jinora, who has spiritual powers and once helped regenerate Raava from a tiny bit of residual light.
So Jinora should try to rescue Korra,by traveling to the Spirit World, but then Jinora learns the Manor is also in the Spirit World, and captures Jinora’s spirit.

Asami is already in the Manor. Raava could just jump on to her. Even if it’s tiny Raava will build-up inside her to make Asami as the new Avatar

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