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It would be a lot of fun if Violet’s punishment involved Dash.

Sadly no at this point, but I will keep that in mind for future.

Dash could be the power source for Violet’s torture device. He has to keep running in place, or something terrible happens to him (his own torture problem). But as he runs, he powers Violet’s torture device. So he has to watch Violet suffer, or suffer himself. Or maybe the device he powers hurts Violet while simultaneously helps his mother (Helen Parr/Elastigirl) recover, so Dash has to make a ‘Sophies Choice’ while the Maid explains that Violet caused his mother’s malady.

Well at least Violet is getting what’s coming to her, but I hope there is a chance she can be somewhat redeemed. What happen to her mother anyway?

I have an image of Raven becoming like a corrupt version of herself and having features of her dad Trigon. She looks awesome and might be a good fit here. If you’re interested I can send it to you. Maybe do an arc of her involving magic and her Trigon that she transforms into a corrupt version. I have some ideas for it i you would like to hear it

I still want to know the maid’s and the butler’s agendas. It’s obvious that the butler is more powerful than the maid, and the maid and the butler don’t get along, they have to have different agendas, otherwise they would at least sort of get along.

It’d be nice if Violet and Astrid ended up in the pig pen together, I remember Violet was eager to be with her. And you know, honestly, when the Manor began, I actually thought Raven was behind it somehow. The shadow demons lurking in the background seemed like extensions of her power. Either way I really hope we get to see more of her.

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