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Awww. Poor little thing. Tried to reach too high before her time, and she flew too close to the sun… Now she burned and fell to the ground.
Ah well, at least it is good news for the sadists running around the manor to have a rival beaten.

I’m quite surprised to see Katara in this, but at least Violet is got what’s coming to her and I hope it goes further later on

Hope you got my e-mails about my ideas. Haven’t heard from you

Also, 150 pages. Well done. Wonder how many more pages you’ll be doing in the future

You know this does make me wonder do you think you could send a page with some pics on who seems to be incharage of what.

Seeing Violet apparently have some sort of rank in this but then she got send there and now apparently her previous head now has her rank. It would be interesting to see some of the ranked slaves or servants in this manor and what their heads of or what they do with their rank. It would help explain what Frankie is now taking over.

Also I just have to wonder since the smily girl isn’t in charge I have to wonder who’s in charge of her.

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