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Holy shit how long have I waited for a new page

Anyway, I’m getting nervous about this. These are three characters I still like, and personally I don’t want Astrid to fall after what she’s been through. I don’t want Elsa to break as I want to see her stand up for herself. And honestly, I want to see Korra being fucked more

I’m nervous on how this will turn out

D= ! The prize is only continued existence?! That seems so unfair! At the very least you should get a warm bath and get to live a week as a mistress. I call for a riot! Come on ladies (and boys) time to riot! You are some of the strongest characters, surely you can tear them apart. Korra is still in there she can tear this whole place apart on her own if she snaps out of it! Korra for Grand Mistress of the manor 2016!

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