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Maybe the Manor is actually a place where the ‘victims’ take control of their sexuality from their oppressors/tormentors?

from what I’ve seen, it’s just the corruption at work…thats what the place IS….

It could be the corruption. Or, as someone else noted, it could be Violet’s punishment. But what if the Manor is more than that? What if it’s a place of healing? Astrid was abused by Heather and turned into a cumdump, then found herself in the Manor even worse off, as a pig. What if Astrid was placed in the Manor to spur her to throw off her shackles and rebel/take control, as she has attempted a few times, but not too successfully? Consider Korra. Her worst enemy has always been her own fears/doubts, which crippled her for years. She’s so impotent in her sexuality she can’t even come. What if she’s in the Manor to rise above that? Elsa is another one unable to express her sexuality. She took ownership of her cold powers but still keeps a distance from others (Ice Queen) while her sister Anna is free to be sexual and hooks up with Kristoff. It’s no wonder, then, that Elsa is tormented by Anna, as she is free to do what her sister cannot (have sexual relationships). The scene with Violet could be a flashback to something that happened to her, how her father ‘made her feel weird’ by inappropriate attention. In the Manor, Violet took control and now her father serves her needs instead of his own. Katara, too, became a master of her sexual fate in the Manor.

Hmm … is this prehistory or Violet stuck in a virtual reality machine…

If I was to guess, I would say it is more the corruption acting directly on Violet…for Korra, corruption alone wouldn’t work..soulbending abilities and all that. (they had made previous attempts, as you recall, and could barely keep her restrained)The maid/manor had to use GLADOS and the VR rig as an additional step to confuse/tempt korra before THEN exposing her to the corruption and “tipping her over.” We already know the black stuff can have this effect on its own by the way the maid forgets everything when she goes home and the end of the day…it iiterally edits her memory so it can have the pleasure of repeating the process each morning. It also explains why so many of those we see being raped by the tentacles seem to be LIKING it on some’s messing with thier minds as well as thier bodies. I’d bet that a great deal of the manor’s “guests” are really just victims that were surepticiously poisoned iwth the stuff, then compelled to “come home” and “enjoy” the manor. In the end they’ll likely be food too.

From what i seen in the earlier there a parasitic process, at least with Josephine as seen with that blob thing. my guess is almost all the top rank are host to the parasite and never notice it till its TOO late. the host has no memory till the come back, then the creature and they become meat puppet and my guess is were seeing either violet becoming a puppet or becoming a monster. Personally i hope something happen soon cause all the Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy is dragging me down. I need some glimmer of hope here.

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