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Who’s the Principal? Syndrome? The Butler?? Korra??? Disclaimer????
Hmmmm….Thinking, maybe the Manor is a mindspace, and in her head, Violet was fucking people in the Manor, but in the ‘real world’, it was the chess team. I don’t know. Just tossing it out there.

I assumed she’s some sort of demonthing, messing with their heads to worm her way in as a ‘maid’ she stays close and sabotages their lives with mental manipulations and shape shifting to ruin their lives and give them no place to go but the mansion…which is nothing like what they thought it was.

Are you suggesting that the worm thing is a sort of parasite? Then what exactly does it survive on? Humiliation? Sexual pleasure? And how many of them are there? Just the one?

i’d say if it was feeding it would either be on emotions or fluids. i know that is a broad spectrum but why would it be restricted to a single emotion? maybe one tastes better than others but feeding on emotions is fine in general as long as it is intense. otherwise if it is fluids then maybe it places a piece of itself to feed on fluids of various sources.

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