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I won’t lie, I really like the Manor story and the character development even/especially with all of the kinks and whatnot, but this side story here I felt took a very rapey turn, even more so than the already forced sex and bdsm in the story, most of which was borderline consensual, but this is the kind of thing you see in an episode of Law and Order:SVU.

How…how was any of the rest of it consensual? We’ve seen people dying!

There is plenty that is controversial, I was speaking strictly to the sexual aspect of it. And we tend to react differently to humans and animals being treated similarly. We might not feel particularly upset about Judy hopps losing a leg but (as above) seeing Violet blatantly raped can evoke a different emotion. Not everyone has to feel this way, I like the art and story it’s just this particular page that makes me feel differently.

Hello Patrick.
Thank you for starting a discussion about this. I think there is no better form of appreciation than to presenting critical thinking about the subject matter. I completely understand why you are uncomfortable with this and what you mean by consensual acts in side the manor.

Inside the Manor, there is a degree of disbelief that you have when you see characters being tormented. Context is everything, the manor is shown as a fantasy world with no real laws or limits, also there are no fixed rules on the characters, in some scenes, violet looks like a 22-year-old and in other places, she looks like she might be 15.

The world that I am showing around Violet in this sub-arch seems more real, there is no ambiguity about her age or the context. She is in high school, so she must be 15-19 years old, reputation destroying video of her are circulating and to top it off she is being raped. You are right about the context.

What I am getting at is that there is a reason for all of this. I will not bullshit you that it is some deep meanfull stuff. At the end of the day, it is just a silly comic by an even sillier individual. I hope this explains the concept for everyone.

Bruh. No offense, but Elsa and Astrid have been raped multiple times, the latter by humans and animals. This whole comic is varying levels of non-con and dub-con. Violet herself has raped people in this comic. It’s honestly kind of baffling that you would describe these things as “borderline consensual”, because next to nothing has been consensual and “borderline consensual” is still, you know, not consensual.

I mean, different strokes for different folks but this really isn’t the first time someone’s been raped in this comic. More like the 69th.

The military ‘breaks people down in order to build them back up’. Is that what the Maid is doing to Violet with this psychodrama? I don’t think it’s real. It’s probably all in Violet’s head, her ‘punishment’ for getting out of line. Now all we need is the whole school joining in, especially Tony Rydinger. Then her parents show up and act like their daughter getting gangbanged is normal behavior, the final nail in the cross that is Violet’s ego.

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